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Jackie taught me how to live again. I have created a life I didn't even know was possible.


I took Jackie's Peaceful Warrior class in college and when the semester was over I didn't want it to be! I ended up taking it again the next semester. This class will change your life and the way you live it, all for the better. I began the course in a pretty dark place, during an especially trying time in my life. Over the course of that one semester, I learned so much! I was able to use the life skills I learned to come up out of the shadows and begin to enjoy every moment. I promise you will not regret taking this class, it will improve your day to day life!!


Thank you for everything Jackie! I have learned so much from you that I will keep forever. You're truly a blessing to me and I appreciate everything you've taught me!


I'm learning to listen to that calm, quiet voice within to guide me through my day...


I've ony had two sessions and you're already making a big difference in my life!


Jackie helped me to see things in myself I didn't know were there. She taught me how to love myself. She truly cares about people and in helping them...


You have shown me how to be a better man...


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jackie LeBaron very much for her life coaching services. I have been a client of Jackie's for two months and her services have helped me tremendously in many different situations. The professionalism of her approch in life coaching has allowed me to be honest with her and myself so I could rationally resolve certain situations. Her techniques of narrowing down on the situation, creating an action plan, following through with the tasks of the action plan, allowed me to be a better, well-rounded person. 

I would highly recommend others to take the time to use her services. Jackie's life coaching has supported me through a comfortable, self-healing process to manage my life with self-confidence. Thank You Jackie!!!


Jackie is an excellent teacher who places not only her knowledge but her heart into teaching!


God Bless you Jackie for your vision with the Way of the Peaceful Warrior Class. It has changed my life and improved the lives of my loved ones by what I am learning. The Peaceful Warrior way is infectious! In a good way!


You've shown me a better way to be happy...

Jackie, you are an amazing and beautiful person. You have forever changed my life!


Thank you for taking my hand and helping me to take a step up in my life...

N. M.

Jackie has made a big difference in my life. Over and above the goals we are working on in coaching. I feel that I am better able to manage my emotions and let go of negative forces around me. I am more aware of the triggers in life that I let control me. She has helped me build and maintain my confidence and positivity that helps me make a success of my life. Being my best self has helped me reach goals and stay in the moment throughout the day...


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