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Take this much talked about class over your telephone,

 in the privacy of your own home.

Learn how to become a Peaceful Warrior and view life with a

peaceful heart and a warrior spirit.


Based on the teachings and books of world renowned author, Dan Millman, we will explore and integrate his teachings into your everyday life. You will learn to discover your own worth, reclaim your will and find the power to change the things you want to change in your life. You will understand that your body is the foundation of life and learn what role money plays. You will learn how to achieve inner peace and to trust your intuition. You will learn to accept your emotions and gain freedom from letting go of things you ultimately have no control over.


You will learn to live as Peaceful Warriors by facing your fears and taking action in your own life. You will learn to cultivate compassion and authenticity. You will awaken your heart to the healing power of love and learn the importance of giving back to the world and others. You will learn to practice Everyday Enlightenment, everyday!


 This class is 16 weeks in duration for an all-encompassing, life changing experience that will challenge you to dig down deep and discover your best self. It includes printable handouts, thought provoking discussions with fellow classmates, and optional, in-depth homework assignments where you will receive timely and insightful feedback from the instructor.


  • Each weekly class will be conducted through teleconferencing so can be completed anywhere in the world.

  • For the best experience, it is highly suggested that you purchase the book, Everyday Enlightenment by Dan Millman to use in conjunction with the course.

  • You can purchase single, individual classes for only $35 each, or

    • 4-week blocks of classes for $99 each, or

    • The entire, 16-week class series for an unbelievable price of only $320. This will also include the additional closure session which includes several life changing exercises. This is the best value and most impactful way to enjoy this course.


This class will literally change your life and the way you view things.


Group One          


           Intro to the Peaceful Warrior Way. The stairway to the soul.

           Discover your own personal worth.

           Reclaim your will and find the power to change- Part One

           Reclaim your will and find the power to change- Part Two


Group Two          

            Energize your body.

            Manage your money.

            Taming the Mind- Part One

            Taming the Mind- Part Two


Group Three       

             Trust your Intuition- Part One

             Trust your Intuition- Part Two

             Accept Your Emotions- Part One

             Accept Your Emotions- Part Two


Group Four          


              Face your Fears.

              Illuminate your shadow.

              Awaken your heart.

              Serve your world.


Additional Group (Free with purchase of entire course series, otherwise $35 extra)


              Closing Celebration and life changing exercises.


Details of classes:


1. Gain an understanding of self-esteem and how self-sabotage, self-reflection, and self-responsibility can increase or decrease your perceived worth.


2. Learn to reclaim your will and find the power to change through understanding your personal purpose, self-motivation, will power, and discipline.


3. Understand that your body is the foundation for your life.


4. Learn that money represents survival, security, safety, shelter, food, family and livelihood, but money also mirrors the quality of a person’s interactions with other people, and their ability to receive and to give.


5. Learn how to achieve inner peace through an understanding of how the mind works on a conscious and sub-conscious level. How we all have filters through which we view the world that are often distorted by our interpretations, experiences, assumptions, beliefs, associations, fears, desires and opinions. We can learn through the liberation of attention, quieting the mind through meditation and conscious thinking, how to regain control of our minds.


6. Learn to trust your intuitions and the powers of the subconscious.


7. Learn to accept emotions and gain freedom from letting go.


8. Learn to live as Peaceful Warriors by facing fears and taking action in your own life by understanding fear, assessing your relationship to it, and gaining an understanding that fear itself is not the issue but rather ones’ response to it.


9. Learn to cultivate compassion and authenticity through acceptance of both the darkness and the light in each of us. Through contemplation and reflection, you will experience greater compassion, free up energy and increase your self-knowledge and self-esteem to regain control over your life.


10. Learn to awaken your heart to the healing power of love. You will learn the difference between conditional and unconditional love, love and will, love as a spiritual practice, and the power that comes from seeing and hearing from love.


12. Learn the importance of giving back to your world and others.


13. Learn how to practice everyday enlightenment, everyday.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior Class

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