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Group Coaching Experience

Here is your opportunity to experience Life Coaching at a more affordable price.


Group Coaching offers a unique opportunity for great personal growth within a safe and supportive environment. You will be able to explore real life situations and thought provoking topics while receiving personal and prompt feedback. You will share ideas and insights with a variety of like-minded peers, as well as an experienced life coach.


Any time you join a group of people for a common goal, the energy level increases and wonderful things begin to happen. You will eperience a connection with your fellow group members that lead to a mutual sense of empowerment and insight as the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. 


Each group will consist of 4-10 participants and will be facilitated by our Internationally Certified Life Coach. They will last between 60-120 minutes and vary in length of duration. Custom groups can be formed to meet any need, both personal and professional.


Let us know if you or your organization has a topic of interest so we can begin a group coaching experience designed just for you. 

Individual Coaching

Receive the benefits of direct, one-on-one coaching done from the privacy of your own home, or from any destination where you have access to phone service. This way you will continue to receive your individual coaching session even if you are on vacation, on a business trip or lounging in the backyard by the pool. Coaching sessions are made on a weekly basis and last from 60-120 minutes.





  • 4 weekly sessions per month lasting from 60-120 minutes.

  • 12- Affirmation Frame Audio recordings

  •  “Just in Time Coaching” Text messaging as needed for a timely motivational boost or assistance in, on the spot problem solving.

  • Free motivational wallpaper.

  • Copy of session notes if requested


3 Pricing Packages available

  • Per Session Price- $75 ($300 per month)

  • 3 Month Package- $810 ($270 per month) which is a 10% discount and can still be paid on a monthly basis through PayPal.

  • 6 Month Package- $1440 ($240 per month) which is a 20% discount and can still be paid on a monthly basis through PayPal.

Emotional Intelligence Certification Program

Emotional Intelligence is our ability to be aware of our own emotions and the emotions of others and then use that awareness to manage ourselves and others. In fact, our success in both work and home life is attributed to 80% Emotional Intelligence and only 20% Cognitive Intelligence.


Research has shown that up to 80% of all doctor visits are actually for stress related illnesses. When we improve employee’s Emotional Intelligence, we decrease absenteeism, low morale, sick days, high turn-over rates and increased medical, insurance and legal fees. It is shown that Supervisors with Emotional Intelligence Training have four times increased employee retention, overall increase in positive group dynamics and better communication skills, making for a much more positive work place environment.


Our Emotional Intelligence Certificat Program is a comprehensive, 26-weeks of 1:1 coaching which will cover all 24- Core Concepts as well as targeting any key areas as needed.


Core Concepts:

                    Emotional Self-Awareness                                                                          Empathy                                                                            Accurate Self-Awareness                                                                             Service Ethic          

                    Personal Power                                                                                             Organizational Awareness

                    Emotional Self-Growth                                                                                Developing Relationships

                    Integrity                                                                                                          Powerful Influence

                    Innovation and Creativity                                                                           Communication

                    Initiation and Bias for Action                                                                     Conflict Management

                    Resilience                                                                                                       Visionary Leadership

                    Achievement Drive                                                                                       Catalyzing Change

                    Stress Management                                                                                      Building Bonds

                    Realistic Optimism                                                                                       Teamwork/Collaboration

                    Intentionality                                                                                                 Building Trust


Includes: Description of Emotional Intelligence, Brief History, Impact of low Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and on individuals, Benefits of high Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and on individuals, Breakdown of the four quadrants and in-depth look at each of the sections, Tips on how to increase skill level in each of the sections, Ways this would benefit the individual, Ways to improve supervision, How to increase personal control on the job and in personal lives, How to increase positive emotional energy levels on the job and in personal lives, How to improve empathy levels, and How to improve communication skills.


Participants will be given a basic Emotional Intelligence Test and a Certificate of Completion that can be used in their current job or future employment endeavors.  Each will be given the opportunity to engage in open discussions about the topic and to ask questions. Resources will be given for any individual wanting to gain a better understanding and mastery of Emotional Intelligence.


Sessions will be conducted over the phone.


Emotional Intelligence can be learned! 

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