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All classes are approximately 2 hours in length and can be offered live, or via tele-conferencing. Many come with printable handouts, worksheets and even optional, in-depth homework where participants will receive personal feedback from the trainer. 

Available Classes:


25 Ways to Inner Peace                                                                                  Living Without Filters

How to Find Your Heart’s Purpose                                                           How to Live in Wellness

The Healing Power of Fear                                                                       Living a Life of Gratitude

The Proper Art of Self-Care                                                                                   Job Transitioning 

Your Best Self                                                                                                       Your Confident Self

Your Unstoppable Self                                                                                  How to Enjoy Your Job

Dream Interpretations                                                                            The Motivational Journey 

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior                                                                 Emotional Intelligence




Executive Trainings:

10 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction                                 How to Increase Job Satisfaction

Job Transitioning                                                                                                Team Building at Work

The Motivational Journey                                                                 Emotional Intelligence Training


Learn More

The Healing Power of Fear

4- 90 minute sessions

ONLY  $99


This is a workshop for anyone who has ever dealt with the incapacitaion of fear. Fear can block us from our dreams and keep us from moving forward. It can lead to self-sabotaging behaviors and fill us with doubt about ourselves

and the world we live in. 

Find out how to turn fear into a healing power,

transforming you to live your best life and become your best self. 


From the comfort of your own home.

When you sign up, you will be given the phone number to call

along with an access code


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