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About Jackie

Jackie LeBaron is an Internationally Certified Life Coach who specializes in helping

people become their best selves. Through Personl and Professional Development Coaching,

Enlightenment Coaching, Guided Visualizations, Dream Coaching, Workshops, Books,

Inspirational messages, Newsletters, Blogs, Group Coaching, Personal and Professional

Trainings and Extended Classes, she will help you through your ultimate journey, that of...

Discovering Your Best Self. 


Jackie has a Bachelors degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences and is a Certified

Addiction Specilist. She has over 25 years of counseling experience and brings a unique

gift to her coaching. She uses intuitive and genuine heart connections to be able to give

honest and supportive feedback to her clients. You will learn how to release yourself from

the fear, stress, anxiety and self-sabotaging patterns that keep you from your best life. 


She specializes in people searching for the very best within themselves and uses her many years of experience and knowledge to help them become more enlightened and ultimately more sucessfull. 

Owner: Pet Shop                                                                                                                                Parent/Foster Parent  
             Lakefront Restaurant                                                                                     Behavioral Health Case Manager II
Medical: Front and Back Office                                                                                                 Rehabilitation Specialist II
              Surgical Assistant                                                                                  Certified Substance Abuse Counselor II
              Emergency Medical Technician                                                                           Community College Instructor
Mediator- Small Claims and Panel                                                                                                                   Supervisor   
Program Manager: Victim/Offender Mediation Program                                                                    Published Author
                                  Comunity Outreach and Resources                                                      Domestic Violence Liaison  Life Skills Counselor                                                                                                                  Family Support Worker II 
Parent Education                                                                                                         Peer Advisor- Community College
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